Just saw this...

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I didn't know Ty Pennington was designing fabric!?

A friend of mine just gave me a huge stack of Quilting magazines she was parting with and one had him on the front. It was a surprise but then I guess not. Very interesting! I know some day i want to, but i'm not in the right season right now. I love how my back ground in graphic design will soon someday help me in my hobby and post sahm life. But that is abotu 20 years away! LOL Until then, I am full time mom and quilter hobbyist! I am amazed at my stash now and most through donations and online giveaway wins!!!! AMEN!

I miss you all very much and will post things as I can. As soon as Blogger makes it easier to post, I'll post more but to login and sit to post take too long. Unless there is a simple way and I dont know yet.

Hope you are all well, I know I even had to unsuncribe from some Quilting email because i just found myself deleting because I have little time to read or even skim!