Feature(less) Friday: WIP report instead

I didn't have anything to FEATURE today. Not that I don't have a resource to share, I just didn't type it up in advance for today. Forgive me. :)

I have had a busy week for sure! I'm a momma of three amazing kids with limitless energy ages 5, 3, and 1. I am also 3 months pregnant and counting. I do not have the option of daycare/school or taking them to a relatives house (i live in Guatemala!). So it's all me... all the time. Now do not get me wrong... I do have an AMAZING Husband who helps as soon as he gets home from work (serving in our ministry). He does the bedtime routine way better and is just a wonderful partner in this whole parenting thing (and an even better godly husband!) ! While he does that, I have been cutting my 4x4s for my 9-patch quilt, more to come on that!

Ok, no one likes a "Quilt Blog" that does not talk about Quilting or without photos more than me, so I have segwayed into quilting with my last sentence. LOL


Top projects, I am working on:
  • Cutting any more 4x4s for my Stash 9-patch, then I get the creative part of matching the squares into beautiful 9-patches (if possible, heehee) to sew!

  • Continue to work on leaders and enders while I do any other sewing! It's fun to use these 2.5 squares as my leaders and enders and before i know it I will have blocks or sashing sewn for a quilt!

  • Needs (to finish these projects):
Backing for the "Grandma Polyester Quilt" - I got great feed back on batting and backing on this quilt, so I am looking for a lightweight plaid and thin batting for this beauty.

I need a tan or beige for sashing for this Neighborhood Block Swap Quilt.
I don't have any and willing to SWAP Fabric if you want!!!

Batting for several quilts I have backs and fronts ready. Mainly Baby quilts for the baby dedication quilts I make. I do have a few larger sized blankets I want to make with my larger pieces of fabric for charity quilts for my Agatha Victims Project.

The rest, I guess you could call UFOs
since they have sat longer than 6-12 months! heehee

  • my daughter's butterfly quilt. Those from APQ may remember me making the blocks, I now need to put them together to complete the top!

  • my husband's t-shirt quilt. I am waiting for him to go through his t-shirts.

  • my high school track t-shirt quilt. I made two smalled t-quilts for myself and just have this one left. I was last selecting sashing but want to find Fun track-type fabric if possible out there??

  • Noah's Ark Panel, It's pinned and ready to hand or machine quilt, I don't know which to do... I think Hand is best but I don't know what to do, never done it.
Then there are projects I add to my
"Want to do in my lifetime PROJECTS":
I figure If I keep busy with all this, I have less time to think about how fast the kids are growing up and will be out before I know it! Sewing will always be here for me... right!? As long as I have a Project List!

How about you? do you have a list or is sewing therapy to you as it is for me??!!

I am thankful for having 14 Followers! I hope I didn't bore you! *hugs*


Nine Patch Project: Name and Update

Sew... I started this Nine Patch (9P) project because of a stack of precut blocks I had and thought "I better do something with them NOW or they will just sit and collect dust." We cannot have beautiful fabric sit and collect dust! It calls to be displayed and admired!

We all have these beautiful stashes, and they are folded (maybe) and put on shelves, bins, and such. Also, I have heard people talk about saving a piece of fabric from all the quilts they make and give away. Well to conquer:
  1. Showing Off your stash while also seeing what you have at a glance, and
  2. keeping a piece of fabric from your stash for memento purposes
...WHY NOT Cut a piece of all your fabrics in your stash, NOW! :)

That is what this project has now become, my stash portfolio in 9-Patch form and a memory of all the fabrics (not too sure if I will ever has this amazing stash again). Some may like and some may not, but it's what I have decided on progressively - Heehee!!!

I am cutting a 4x4 out of *almost* EVERYTHING in my stash and making a "MY STASH 9 Patch!"

some Guatemalan Tipico fabric - love it!

I’m having fun and laughing at myself that these squares ended up being the inspiration to the project! and now all my beautiful fabrics have a 4x4 cut out of them!

and if this isn't bad enough... this project is spinning off other projects... with fabric that are more juvenile and kid-fun, I am saving those 4x4s to the side for an I-Spy Quilt.... hilarious huh!?

Have YOU ever had a small thing end up into a BIG project?? surely not. (is any one out there?)

I am excited to see more "followers" I guess i could take myself off the list! LOL sad huh!? oh well. [:o)

Beware, your project list can grow out of control before your know it! So can your UFOs and WIPs while you make BOMs and all you want is R&R. LOL KWIM! 

Nieghborhood Block Swap Update

I got my blocks for my fellow Swappers! They are awesome in so many ways! One they looke great and two inspecting them teaches me SO much on how to do this better in the future. The stitches and the thread choice and just over all execution of the applique and block. I have MUCHO to learn. These ladies are tops!

What to do with these? Make a wall hanging? or throw? I would like to make a throw. I feel if I don't make something we'll use, then it will get packed and never seen. Or 'worse case' I could get a 12x 12 scrap book and display them there but how boring!!! heehee

So I am thinking throw and adding filler blocks to help it grow. I was thinking to also have a tan or earth tone  sashing. I am using a piece of tan i have for IDEA purposes....

It was very hard to take a photo of this and get it all in, so this is actually two photos put together so you can see it all.
As you can see in the lower right a 'empty' block that I will fill with something. I am still debating on whether i should put a tree or something on the filler blocks. any ideas???

Teaching the Trade... sewing

So glad my daughter loves to sew with me :)

I gave her my scrap bag I was going to use for a Crumb quilt but she needs to practice and I thought it was perfect. She had fun making things up.

she made this 'bracelet' for her baby sister

Any ideas on how to teach the craft of sewing? I don't want her to only think quilting is all she can do with a machine :) Thanks in advance for your ideas!!!


Feature Friday: Fat Cat Patterns

Have you ever been to Fat Cat Patterns? Sindy just knows what she's doing, and you can tell she loves it, too! (imo)

I love this site and mention it off and on. It was recently redone and reorganized, so stop on by and check it out! Enjoy the patterns and ideas. Sindy has Swaps too! If you missed anything you can visit her store and get a CD of all her patterns from the years previous!

My favorite Pages:
All her animal designs are the best too! I can't just pick one!


Disclaimer: "Feature Friday" is solely my opinion about a webspace online that pertains to the quilting hobby. I am not paid, compensated, or gifted by any of the "Features" posted here. I am a Quilter with an Opinion and Desire to SHARE Resources I use for my hobby :)

My First 9-Patch... block!

Ok I have quilted off and on since 2006, so I am not *that* experienced, but you would think I have done a 9-patch by now! LOL! Any way, I wanted to show off my first one...

So what inspired this FIRST Nine Patch block? Last Fall, I was searching for fabric and came across... eBay and what all was sold on eBay as far as fabric in all shapes, sizes, and precuts! My favorite Search is Fabric, Free Shipping, 99 cents and under... Click the link and see the list on the Left and make your choices... "100% cotton" or "squares" and so on!! WARNING: Can be very addicting and such! I am NOT responsible for any purchases made! LOL :) I didn't buy anything with shipping fees and never spent more than 4-5 bucks a purchase and I only made 4 purchases! :)

I bought those sets of precuts, why not!? And Actually forgot about them. I looked for them a few months back and couldn't find them. My daughter and I were setting up to sew one day and I found them! YEAH!!!

One pack was a whole bunch of 4" squares of different material. I kept thinking, I cannot wait for a project to come along, what can I do with these, now!? So 9-Patch came to mind.

I may not have put them in the right orientation but that is what is fun to see, test, try, and learn. So go easy on me if you choose to comment below - I DO love comments by the way :)

So, now what? I will post more on my 9-Patch Project later, but for now, you know the inspiration for it! Getting rid of precuts and wanting to learn something NEW!!

Ok here is one more photo of my 9-patches made with that pack!


Sewing is FUN! DO it! and Teach someone to!

Update on the "Grandma Polyester Quilt"

So in the box I got there was this unfinished quilt top from a friend's husband's late grandmother. She said to give it to someone to finish, yada yada. I told her *I* wanted to keep it and finish it! :)

So I got it out and mended the threads that had broken or were on the edge of the fabric and broke free. So right now there are no holes and the ends are reinforced. I even found a large piece of fabric to back it. My daughter and I measured it at roughly 60x90. I will see if my brother and his wife can bring me a nice piece of batting for it. (they are coming to visit me in Sept).

I just love this quilt and am eager to finish it! I think it's screaming for yarn ties. What do you think?

Another Question from this beginning/novice quilter with Zero schooling... I think the pieces are polyester.. they are so like my grandmother's pants! So what would you back it with? What kind of fabric? The piece I have in mind to back it with is similar in texture (so sorry I am not a fabric-ologist).

Enjoy these close ups of the quilt top!!! CLICK and make the LARGER!

Do you have a quilt like this?  What would you do to finish it? I miss my APQ pals who had the BEST ideas!!! I am sure you all have great ideas too... My WIPs are always fluid/flexible. I make it all up as I go along! :)

Then a Box Came!

Oh WOW! I was so excited when a box came to me with misc. fabric treasures inside! It was donated for me to use or share. I know I have gone through it all, and I will do just that!

Here are parts of what the sender wrote to me (in black, my comments in red):

Material is sent. 15 lbs and stuffed to the top!! (It was stuffed for sure)

There is a quilt almost done in the bottom of the box of our deceased Grandmother started it many years ago. I am sure it has some stories to tell. Please give it to someone to finish. I pray it will bless them. (I'm going to mend the blocks that are coming undone and finish it myself. I love it! It's all polyester squares! I was thinking yarn ties too. What do you think?)

I sent some pink Precious Moments material that I intended for drapes for my grandaughter and she out grew them quicker than I could make them. Maybe they would fit for your girls?? I had some pieces of Cinderella material and Strawberry shortcake I thought they would enjoy too. (Yes we will ove these and make something. I better learn from you and make things before the grow out of them. I see that happeneing VERY easily, though! Anyone else?)

There are a couple of Disney blanket squares... has pooh and company. Maybe baby blankets?? (Yep we'll make baby blankets and they will be donated as soon as they are done!)

I also sent a large piece of royal blue material with peacock feathers on it. It brought your face to mind. Maybe because you know someone it will bless or maybe you would like it?!?!? I leave all this in your hands because I know you will do what is best. (I love the blue material, it's a flannel, so soft! Thanks for the trust and confidence. I will do my best to make sure everything finds a loving home and does not collect dust!)

I stuck some needles, thread, pins, a measuring curve and stuff in the box, down the sides!! I don't think I could put one more thing in that box!! (you did an amazing job stuffing the box and blessing me and many others with these goodies for sure!)

My Thanks to Tammy for sending this box! It was quite a treasure for me!! And to think, Oct 2008, I had one yard of fabric! Now I have a blessing of a stash that I can bless others with the fabric and/or the quilts I make from it! AMEN!!! 


thought: Why pay for a therapist when you can spend money on quilting and enjoy your therapy with results you can share!

Feature Friday: The Fabric Bar

I was first introduced to The Fabric Bar by a Giveaway! (and won!) :-) Amy was so generous with her giveaway, and I still have yet to make something with the precious fabrics that I got to choose! They are too cute to cut! (is that possible, yes).

Since then, I have enjoyed the Blog and the Shop (ok the "sale" rack) LOL! The Fabric Bar is also on Facebook, too.

This is a photo of my recent Purchase with The Fabric Bar... Yummy, huh?!

I do a lot of baby/children charity quilts, so I went for more of the colorful, fun, children prints! Well, the Bot Camp ones I might use to make my son a quilt! :) How fun will that be!? The hearts, well I just like hearts and that fabric was unique to me!

Thank you Fabric Bar!!



Disclaimer: "Feature Friday" is solely my opinion about a webspace online that pertains to the quilting hobby. I am not paid, compensated, or gifted by any of the "Features" posted here. I am a Quilter with an Opinion and Desire to SHARE Resources I use for my hobby :)

Giveaway at The Quilting Garden

Head on over to The Quilting Garden to enter! Kris is going to give away this Moda "Prayer Flag" Charm Pack by April Cornell.


Disclaimer: If you don't enter, you cannot win! just sayin' :)

A site for ideas and sharing your projects

I came across this site today, you may or may not know of it... Craftsters.org

This is a link to their forum with the keyword Quilt. See what people have done or are doing.

This one stood out by SHAEBAY:

My Y-Front Quilt


Feature Friday: We All Sew

We All Sew is a great place for various sewing resoureces online (sponsored by Bernina).
  • See their Facebook Finds
  • Favorite Sewing Blogs
  • Favorite photo galleries
  • Favorite Twitter feeds
  • Featured videos
  • and much much more
It's a great place! I subscribe to their RSS Feeds for their posts, but you much go to the site for most of what is listed above! do not miss out, go now and Enjoy!


Disclaimer: "Feature Friday" is solely my opinion about a webspace online that pertains to the quilting hobby. I am not paid, compensated, or gifted by any of the "Features" posted here. I am a Quilter with an Opinion and Desire to SHARE Resources I use for my hobby :)

Giveaway Winners are Both #2's!!

Thank you all who entered and visited my blog!

The Animal Print Fabric winner was #2 Deanna! I don't know how to get the Random Number Generator to show here, but it picked #2! Congrats!!!

NO WAY!! The generator did #2 for the second giveaway too! Congrats Terrymac! She won the Jumper Fabric Panel!

That wasn't too bad for my first giveaway! I know I have been blessed to win online and feel glad to finally share the 'surplus'!

I have emailed both winners - email me your addresses to Jackie(at)jackiesue.com - Thanks! I want to send them Monday!

Thank you all who participated!

You have a good chance to win since I don't have many readers :) So maybe in the fall, I will do another givaway! Yeah!!


Feature Friday: Quilter Blogs

Do you have a lot of quilter blogs bookmarked or subscribed to their feeds or 'follow' them. Well make it easier on yourself and go to Quilter Blogs!

If you have RSS Feeds you follow, include this one or make it your only one. I subscribe to the Quilter Blogs RSS Feeds and it's an easy way to visit hundreds of blogs at once!$

Bonus features of their comprehensive site:
This site is great! Go on over there and Enjoy!


Disclaimer: "Feature Friday" is solely my opinion about a webspace online that pertains to the quilting hobby. I am not paid, compensated, or gifted by any of the "Features" posted here. I am a Quilter with an Opinion and Desire to SHARE Resources I use for my hobby :)