What will 2017 bring?

Hello Quilting World! 

It's Jackie and I have been exploring other worlds in my life based on Seasons! You are always going to be there and I will return full time, I am eager and cannot wait. Right now I am full in on the World of Motherhood & Ministry. Yes, I was in Quilting Ministry but God has me full on our Nonprofit in Guatemala AND Wellness Ministry with others worldwide online. I am so passionate in supporting and guiding others in their wellness and health, to most that means weight loss.

Last week I opened a bin that I thought was School supplies (I homeschool 4 kids now), and it was NOT school supplies, it was FABRIC!!! I got emotional, the happy kind. It was such a feel good. I will be back as soon as I can. I drooled over the FABRIC I wont through countless giveaways. The people, companies, and blogs that gave away Fat Quarters, Scraps, and such were SO SWEET and I was honored to WIN! I have never taken it for granted and WILL make something someday!

Love you all and I am slowly coming back through following Quilters on Facebook and Instagram. I get my Fabric Envy and Quilt porn there. (That's a joke, please laugh).

It's my passion to design fabric and quilt patterns and be published. It is something I have had in my heart since my first quilt. Using my graphic design background and love for beautiful quilts that are fun to make. Feeling the completion is empowering (and addicting). But I know right now, family and faith are first since I can a tad OCD on Quilting and make it too priority.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this "thinking out loud" post as I am eager to SEE what 2017 will bring me in the area of quilting! Eager to show my kids this awesome fun craft!

Balancing it all the best I can,
Jackie Sue

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Quilting is more than sewing...

Feb 10, 2016

Quilting is more than sewing because we are not only stitching pieces of fabric, but we stitch parts of our lives, the memories, together for years to come.

I had made a quilt for my sister's family to celebrate their two adorable cats that were not pets, but family members, years ago. I was able to enter the quilt and win in addition to entering it into the Blogger's Quilt Festival May 2010 .

See I am a cat person that chose a life of travel and didn't have one myself. So I had a blast looking up cat quilt ideas, deciphering patterns after patterns, and finally came up with my own pattern for not only the block but for the whole quilt. Using donated fabric from a Quilting Guild out of Texas and only buying very few yards myself, I was able to use similar colors to represent the two precious family members.

Today, I just got the news of a dear furry family member that has passed on from this planet. I just cried and cried as I read the message and the only comfort I had was remembering the quilt I made for the family of this sweet girl cat named "Daisy" (and Duke).
Daisy overlooking from the 2nd floor loft area. Loyal, Love-able.

Daisy was devoted to her family. Maybe thinking she was part dog or something, tee heehee. I am a "Cat Person", but Daisy and I never connected/cuddled. She was loyal to her family and home, period. I respected that ;)

She also had a life long friend, playmate cat named Duke. I believe they were together close to 15 years. He has passed on before Daisy, but also lived the longest BEST LIFE EVER! Both of them were just the most amazing furry family members ever. 
Daisy's friend
So if you don't mind, I ask that you send some love and prayers for the Ferguson Family today and future days as they grieve the passing of a family member. I hope the quilt reminds them of the good times and makes them smile!

Do you like cats and quilts too? See my post on Cat Quilt Ideas here.