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Satin's, velvet, different lace's, buttons, embroidery floss, etc.


Amy's Creative Side: Winners! Blogger's Quilt Festival Spring 2010

Amy's Creative Side: Winners! Blogger's Quilt Festival Spring 2010

If you entered the Bloggers' Quilt Festival.... go see if you won!!! Amy did an amazing job coordinating and the sponsors were very generous!


"Box of Chocolates" Quilt WIP

My current WIP! This pattern is taken from the "Happy Blocks for Heart Strings" Quilts! Aren't they lovely! Well this is a quilt top for the Baby dedication quilt our sewing group makes for a church in Guatemala. What do you honestly think? We use what we have from GENEROUS donations. I just wonder what you think.

We have made others, we really like this simple versitile block! Especially when we have a variety of fabric!

Here are more we recently made for baby dedications...

I also worked with "leaders and enders" while working on this quilt... more on that in my next post!

Blogger's Quilt Festival May 2010 - Cats in the Window Quilt

The Bloggers Quilt Festival is here, click this link to see all others!

Cats in the Window Quilt by Jackie Davis

Close view of the kitties "Duke and Daisy"

The front finished.

The back finished.

Why you made it...
For this reaction! No, but seriously I made it because I knew I wanted to make a cat quilt of some sort at sometime (soon) in my life. And, who better to make one for than my sister Angela, she has two wonderful (yet aging) cats, Duke and Daisy! I had the inspiration about a year before I made it! I even kept it a secret (that was real hard to do), until I gave it to her for Xmas 2009. The photo left does show her reaction. She also noticed it was her cats almost right away! I loved it! That was an extra bonus to how excited I was to make it and finish it with pride! Funny thing I noticed after completion was the colors Maroon and Gold were her High School colors. Not intentional but cute! I also made it like I do everyting I make challenge myself. I made up my own pattern and everything as I went along. I am sure this is out there somewhere, but I made it up step by step! Love to learn this craft of Quilting and want to learn all I can and improve in my craft, too!

Why it is special to you...

Because I made it for my sister Angela. She's done so much for me over the years, and I know she enjoys hand made things. I move too much to have cats and even though she has had her share of moves, her two cats have been with her through it all. They won't be around forever, but I pray this quilt will be... for my sister that is.

It's also special because it's the first "large" quilt I have done by myself including the tricky (for me) binding. I still want to quilt in a tail for the cats, but will do it at a future time! It is special because I used Guatemalan fabric on the back. It not only matched well, it just reminds us both of the country my family has been called to serve in. My sister has supported us in this too. It's a bummer to be far, but she knows we are following God's Call! This Quilt is very special to me.

What you learned about quilting/yourself while making it...

  • I found a pattern I liked while searching online for cat quilt images. Then, I used QuiltAssistant to help me make my own size and custom pattern!

  • Not a fan of the "fold forward binding" (what's the real name?), in doing it that is. I think it looks beautiful... this being my first, by myself, and I was SEW Excited it came out well!!! YEAH!!! I am so glad to practice!!! 

  • I knew I wanted to make gray and multi-brown cats. Someone on APQ Blog suggested "attic windows". After looking it up online, I agreed. So, I worked hard on selecting colors to help with the cats. It wasn't easy, but it's come together nicely, in my opinion. The side color, I wanted something bright. The bottom color, I wanted something darker for a better 'window' effect. My mother in law and I went to the open market in Guatemala. I saw a local (Guatemalan) 'tipico' material, that I thought might go. Came home, looked, and was shocked! I think it goes great!

  • I wanted the "attic Window" efect to be easy, so I found this Tutorial on Easy Attic Windows. On my solid yellow part I didn't cut it because it will be noticed. I just sewed a square on the yellow strip at a diaganol and then diagnoal sew/cut it!

  • Then, I needed to decide, face or not? So I searched online... I think face = Yes! I found this image, and I want to make sure the person gets credit for it. I did not design it.

  • I learned that with Quilting the solutions are endless and up to you.

  • I learned about myself, do not let a technique or look intimidate you.... it's just material and thread :) and let you imagintion run and do it! Have FUN have FUN have Fun!

  • I learned from seeing others inthe festival, I need to get more creative with my finished quilt photos! LOL Drape it over a chair, fence, tree or something!

Photos I tried to take of Duke and Daisy at Xmas 2009!

Thank you for looking at my Bloggers Quilt Festival entry. Click this link to see all others!

Be kind and leave me a comment, if you have the time. *hugs* Jackie

Cat Quilt Ideas

I thought I would share with you, my research findings for a Cat Quilt! I did this research some time ago but really wanted to post it! AMAZING stuff…. #13 is a simple "ONE cat quilt" – neat!

And more, of course, I love them all.
  1. Lying down cat: , see more on this page in many colors, scroll to see: 
  2. Laying/Sitting down cat tutorial. 
  3. Cat with it's tail up: 
  4. These are standing with a tail and simple: 
  5. Alley Cats, not a whole body:
  6. This one has lying down and standing but tails look appliqued:
  7. These are like the other lying down cats, but taller:
  8. These are interesting sitting cats:
  9. cat down with arched back and tail:
  10. side view cat:
  11. Cat standing with tail and front paws:
  12. Cat side view, looking at you with tail and two toned body:
  13. One BIG CAT, knock yourself out with this cool pattern:
  14. I call these kitten with stars:
  15. Walking cats full of color:
  16. Cat's Life: two in here have full bodies;
  17. Tassellating Pattern, amazing:  and a different one:
  18. Various Pieced Bodies here: see the cat with the BIG EYES:
  19. Two toned standing cat with face defined chin:
  20. Big Fat Cat, what else could I call it:

(FYI: results from Google Image search for the words "cat quilt" viewing pages 1 thru 20)

IDEA: You can always change the head from square to the one with the diagonals for chin by sewing squares in the lower corners at a diagonal.

This post is not complete unless I show you an e-Book I bought called "Cat's Meow" by Jante Kime purchased and downloaded with ease from the Martingale & Company home of That Patchwork Place. no commission or being paid to promote this.. i just bought it and liked it and wanted to share it with you!



Jackie (at)

SMS Giveaway Update: Honorable Mention, literally

This is not a win, but I feel appreciated for making sure that every entry I posted was custom and as original as I could over three days! LOL!

Kate at Swim, Bike, Quilt said, "There were a ton of amusing comments, but this was my favorite. It will give me an excuse to rest after my triathlon is done: Jackie Davis said... Isn't quilting it's own triathlon? Buy Fabric, Cut Fabric, Sew Fabric!!! :) "

Thanks Kate and Congrats Claudia for winning over at Swim, Bike, and Quilt! I think many of us agree that our community ROCKS!!! Go to her blog and cheer here on, she's going to do a (real) triathlon!!

right now I am doing this triathlon:





SMS Giveaway Update: We all Won at

You Won... If you entered's Embroidery Poetry Contest for the SMS Giveaway!!! Cool Huh! All 12 of us poets won! WOOHOO! Thank you AMY!!

Amy said, "Wow, the 12 poems submitted are fabulous! Some are touching, some make me smile -- They're all all great! I'm feeling generous, so guess what? You're all winners!"

Isn't that great! I tell my sewing friends, "if you don't Play, you can't Win!" So very true!

I chose this one for my prize! Yeah!!!

Thanks to the SMS Giveaway I have 5 followers!

Ok one is ME but hey it's the equivelant to Facebook friends or Twitter followers or being "liked" at Facebook, LOL! Anyway before SMS Giveaways I had two, one is me, and now I have five!

I thought this would be a funny thing to post, while I still write up my post for the Bloggers Festival!!!!

ok I need a photo...

Our view in Guatemala of Volcano Agua!

SMS Giveaway Update: Twice Blessed...

Yes, can you believe it,
Here is the Original Giveaway page. Here was my comment.

And Keep Checking

SMS Giveaway Update: I WON at Sleep Owl Studio!!!

Thank you Sandie at Sleepy Owl Studio!

Don't you just love technology! Sandie at Sleepy Owl Studio commented on my previous 'loser' post that I won! and I am glad she did because her email to me when to my Junk Mail ! Oh No! that would have been Bad! Anyway! I am SEW Excited! I Won her beutiful fabric above and told her I wanted to try to make a star From Fat Cat Patterns the Chocolate Stars BOM. I know these are not 'chocolate' colors but good ones to substitue for IMO! We'll see :) If you want to know... Yes I did enter in Three ways allowed on her Giveaway! One - Two - Three


SMS Giveaway Update... None yet, and that is OK!

So has everyone recovered from entering the giveaways! Now the WORK is on the giveaway Hosts!! I looked at 12 of the giveaways I enterd and I Congradulate the OTHER winners, LOL! I had fun, it's ok *if* I don't win but I have about 80 or 90 more to go! LOL!!!

Thank you Sew Mama Sew and the Giveaway Hosts!


SMS May Giveaway... I am Done!

I did it! Not too sure I'll ever do that again but I had to do it once!!!!

I'm DONE - it's midnight May 19/20,  and I am done! LOL!
I did every giveaway with a few I didn't because I dont do patterns, wool, or yarn at:

WHEW! off to bed! Thank you Sew Mama Sew, how on earth did you coordinate and organize that so well... types of giveaways to shiping option groups!!! WOW

Thank you all Giveaway HOSTS!!! Amazing!!!! WHEW! I hope to do it sometime as a host and limited participant! LOL
There is still a LITTLE bit of time!!!

*hugs* Jackie

Day 3: SMS Giveaway! Made it, through one list, LOL

YEAH! I made it through those who will ship internationally! Now on to the NON-Intl shippers! WooHoo I hope to win something!


That Crazy Quilty Girl - Giveaway!

That Crazy Quilty Girl - Giveaway!

HURRY Giveaway!
She's going to have another one in a few days too!!!
But do NOT miss this one!

Nearing the finish line!

I'm on the last ten of the Int'l shipping giveaways and then ther are about 25 of domestic, not all US... so I am getting there!!! LOL! Anyone else???


Sweet Pea Fabrics Giveaway- Hurry!!

Sweet Pea Fabrics Giveaway- Hurry!!

Something Old, Something New has a Giveaway!!!

Something Old, Something New has a Giveaway!!!
Hurry time is running out!!! Isn't is gorgeous! :)

Sleep Owl Studio Giveaway

Sleep Owl Studio Giveaway


Giveaway Alert! at "Sew I was Thinking..."

for a fabulous Giveaway!

The Sew Convert's Giveaway

as part of the Sew Mama Sew's Giveraway May, The Sew Convert has a Giveaway!


SMS May Giveaway! One Day left!

I am just finished with A thru Q!!! And less than one day left!!!

I would have loved to participate but what I have to giveaway is not with me right now! LOL! sp stay tuned to the end of June for a giveaway from me.. :) Until then.... Am I the ONLY person going to ALL the links????

*hugs* Jackie

Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day in May!

Yesterday I worked through the A's to the K's!
Whew, now hopefully I can get from L to Z! And that is only in Sewing stuff with Int'l Ship! LOL!!! I would use my stateside addy though. Hurry you have till the 20th on most.



Judy's Fabric Addiction Giveaway!!

Judy's Fabric Addiction is having a Giveaway!!
as part of Sew Mama Sew's May Giveaway!

Go here:

Do it! :)

Fat Connection's Giveaway!

Fat Connection's Giveaway!
...deadline soon, hurry!

DC's Creations Giveaway!

NOT that I want any competition, but look at this Giveaway!!!


Giveaway Day ~ Sewing + Knitting Supplies/Materials (SMS)

Sew Mama Sew is having their Giveaway Day!!
Go here:
this is the link for: Sewing + Knitting Supplies/Materials

go to: for the others!

So what is it? Click the link and see the list and all those links ara a Giveaway! YES!! Hurry! They end in a few days!

ok, off to enter in myself!! heehee


Waiting for the blocks: Neighborhood Block Swap

One of my 9 blocks made, they were not the same :)

I feel like I am waiting for the stork as I wait for my fellow Neighborhood Block Swap blocks! This is SEW exciting to see them all together. I am excited. I will have to wait though because they will go to my in-laws and then either we'll see them we get there in a month and a half or when my brother comes here in a few weeks, he canbring them. We'll see! Just be excited with me! I was so glad to enter the swap!


Ticker Tape Quilts...Great Scrap Buster

Have you ever heard of a Ticker Tape quilt?
Me either? Or well I have not!

Photo: Ticker Tape Placemats from Brown Dirt Cottage

Looked it up (Image search), and love it, you may not, but I do… basically scraps sewn on as rough edge appliqué. I think in most or all cases, it’s sewn all the way through the layers… so it’s quilted too. Not bad if the quilt stays small.

I guess if you didn’t like the rough edge so much you can FUSE them (wunder under) or use fray stop, someone got me this, and I have not used it, yet.

Here are some links, ENJOY!
Ok, you get the idea and can search for "Ticker Tape Quilt" yourself too!

It could be one of those quilts you make using a sample of material from all your other quilts. I am adding it to my “SOME DAY” list already! Great Scrap/Stash Buster!



Yeah, it is MAY!

I love May! Why? Because my birthday is May 9th! I just LOVE MAY! My daughter will turn one on May 14th! it's just the best month to have a birthday!

Also go to Quilter Blogs to see SEW MANY Blogs that other Quilters do! I signed up and they confirmed me but I don't see mine listed on their list. Bummer, maybe I'm in a queue or something? anyway it doesn't stop me from promoting them. I LOVE Quilter Blogs!!

Quilter Blogs & Store Search

So Have a SUPER Month of MAY! And if you have a birthday in May, HAPPY Birthday!!!!!