HELLO Quilting World! Wow it's been TOO long!

I had baby #4 and life is just really challenging with 4 small ones in a foreign country. But I will say, I have the best husband in helping me figure out running the house with the kids, helping them with their school and more (groceries, preparing the food, cooking, dishes, laundry.. you know the drill!)

I miss you all so much and will never 'leave' the quilting community! I have a goal to design quilts and fabric and more! SO just hand in there with me while I am in this season of mommy-hood! :-) A role i love and do not take for granted!

I just got a Pinterest Account, so if any of you are there, let me know to follow you there. I am really out of the loop! My friend gave me a stack of Quilting magazines I cannot wait to go through. My machine is in it's case missing me too. I do not have a dedicated place in the house for sewing.. yet!

My first machine is now in the hands of a Guatemalan. She asked if she could work to pay for a sewing machine. It just came easy even though I was attached to it in various ways, and I told her to take my first machine. It's a Singer from about 1983. A heavy one! LOL. My heart feels good that she really wanted and needed a machine for personal use as well as a way to make some money when there isn't any work. May she be blessed with it!

Ok I can't have a post without a photo...
me with flowers I bought at the local market
one dozen for $1.20 (no typo) :)

Mrs. Jackie Sue