Latest Projects... now

Ok I got my first Block Swap done, although I am not trying to find a way to get them stateside for safe mailing. yes and to save money too! Now what do I have to do?

Where do I start?
  • My daughter's Butterfly Quilt is a UFO
  • My husband's t-shirt quilt is a UFO
  • My track t-shirt quilt is ... welll you get the idea
  • My mother-in-law's Quilts; one is made from various book bags (she's a teacher and has loads) and a musical one for her anniversary in Nov. she game me a deadline ;) I love her so!
  • Two "quick quilts" (aka: cheater cloths) to be quilted and bound
  • I do want to do 5 more house blocks for my father, siblings and myself for framing.
  • and a load of ides in my head!

This is my track t-shirt quilt - in progress... I have had these fused with stabilized and cut since 2005!

I will ask.. has anyone seen any of the following fabrics, I would like to use for sashing in some of my above projects. Send links or info please!:
  • "Track & Field" fabric. It is for my highschool track t-shirt quilt (see above). I have searched on line for years and found only one thing on eBay, and it was way over my budget. If you know of any 'type' fabric, please let me know.
  • Generic Football (my husband was in football most of his life) fabric for my husband's t-shirt quilt.
  • Music fabric - notes, sheets of music, instruments, etc
  • Teacher type fabric - apples, or something
That's all I can think of tonight!

What are your top UFO's?


Neighborhood Block Swap Finished

I am done with my neighborhood blocks for the swap. Now to get them stateside ASAP!

It is my first swap! I hope the group goes easy on me. This was my first time doing fused applique. My machine had 8 stitches. I am limited on thread so I just used one color. Oh I hope they extend grace to me and forgive me for any short comings.

I love them and had fun and learned a LOT! Did I mention I learned a Lot? ;) in a very good way, too!


here they are, please go easy on me... (i have 3 kids 5, 3, and almost 1!!) lol


Future in sewing?

Dye your own thread color as you sew?? And, I was just talking to my husband about this, this past weekend... REVERSE ON THE PEDAL!!!! Woohoo!! I may be the only one that stitches a lot on reverse and wishes the reverse was on the pedal. heehee

This project is called “Leitfaden” and I want one.

it's a concept design and not in production (yet) that I know of.

See this:

and more here:


Quilt Dad, 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway!

This Giveaway is amazing. Look at all that was donated to give away! Makes ya drool!

I think I am comment 631! I hope the random generator picks me!!!!! :)

All you have to do is say HI! Deadline is midnight EST! Hurry!


Neighborhood Block Swap Progress: Applique Fused!

Yeah! I have my 9 blockes ironed with the fused applique - with Wunder Under! I have never done it before and found it easy to use. I just found it challenging on what fabric to pick for what parts with selections from my mostly donaated and won stash. It's great to have selections! (Just a year and a half ago, I might have had 2 yrds of 3 different fabrics! heehee) Praise God for generous Quilt/Sewing community! You all rock! ;-)

So, here are my 9 BEFORE being sewn as rough edge applique. Go EASY on me.. I am still learning... still learning! Self taught and learngin as I go along. So glad the ladies in my swap are generous to have me participate. Now to sew and get these in the mail asap!


the house is so muted in color because i wanted to make it close to the real house... next time, i won't do that... the other blocks in the swap are so colorful! Lessons learned! :)

The photo of the real house. Then using QuiltAssistant, I made the 'pieces'.
I, then, cut out construction paper to get an idea of my applique.

My top 3 favorite Fabric Designers

As I try my best to learn more about this industry of sewing, I think I am slowly getting the hang of things! I wanted to share my favorite Fabric Designers.

In NO particular order.

Why do I love these designers? I feel they design with a purpose and not just to get fabric out. That what you see, each element, is in its place and not just tossed on. I believe many designers are good at this, but these three stand out for me. Their colors are what I like too. Maybe, it could just be my particular “flavor” right now too. I know as our lives change and grow, so do our preferences, and that is ok!

It’s like women and shoes, I try not to really get “into” fabric too much or I know I’ll be a fabric hoarder! Heehee! Instead, I have fabric through donations, giveaways, and a few purchases, with a purpose; to make a quilt and give it to someone, so they can be wrapped in love.

I thanks these ladies and all fabric designers for their work! As a former career graphic designer, I just enjoy looking at all the awesome work! Fabric designs and quilt patterns!


Jackie Sue

BA in Visual Communications Design

A 70's skirt to quilt

My project in March/April 2009:

My Mother-in-Law explained... In the 70's quilted skirts were "in" and this was a kit she bought. She just had to sew up the sides for her size and put in the elastic waist band and sew it up. It was already pieced.

It is amazing! She said I could do anything with it. This is what I did... I un sewed the skirt and now have two large pieces. I sewed them together and made a blanket for the living room for her. I found backing large enought in the donation stash from a guild in Texas! YEAH! (didn't have to spend money). This was a fun project. I also got to surface her JC Penney machine from the 1980's that hadn't been used maybe since the 90's and used it entirely for this project...See below, the birthing of the quilth, the quilt was just backing and front and still machine quilted. This was an exciting project!

Do you know or remember this kit?


Butterfly with points, quilt

Many boxes of fabric and unfinished quilts were donated to me (Oct 2008), and the quilt group I am in (we do charity quilts, primarily baby dedication quilts). This quilt top was sent all done except no backing and being quilted. So we married it with some rare large sized fabric (we rarely have large pieces but others in the group got donations too).
I sewed on the backing, birthed it and maching quilted a diagonal. The quilt top came with a matching Pillow, with I also sewed a back to and left a hole to fill with batting. The embroidered butterfly was already done. I do not know who did this, but we thank who ever did. It is now ready for someone who needs a blanket and this one is real special!


Flat Felt Food

About Thanksgiving time, my kids needed/wanted some toys and quick! I had every intension to make felt food that was 3-D but never got there because they kids were so excited about what i was cutting out, so it's flat and they like it! I still search and drool over other felt food projects i see online. Some day, when I have 'free-time' with  my 5 yr, 3yr, and almost 1yr old - yeah right !


hamburger bun and hamburger pattie

lettuce and tomato

onion and pickles

mustard/ketchup and slice of cheese

hamburger from top and side

hamburger, celery stick, pancake with butter, orange (my son's idea), fries, and a carrot

Since this, we've made grapes bunch, strawberries, blueberries, mashed potatoes with butter and fried eggs... endless ideas! Flat Felt Food, LOL! :)


Meow Kitty Kitty Quilt

I had a blast making this quilt for my sister. I gave it to her for Christmas 2009. I made up the pattern, and with the ideas from my APQ friends, I did the Attic Window effect and just loved how it came out.

If you look close I did many tecniques on my own. The corner of the attice window is a triangle sewn to the yellow rectangle. Probably not proper tecniques used, but they worked for me! The only thing I didn't get done was I sew wanted to quilt in the tail and figure I can do that some day. I was just so eager to get it to her for Christmas when we were in town to visit!

Oh, the cats represent her two cats "Duke and Daisy". Then I realized afterward, it's her highschool colors. heehee not onb purpose for sure.

Sew cute!

The 'plaid' looking fabric is "tipico" fabric from Guatemala. It is the entire Backing of this quilt, too.


No Triangle Zig Zag Quilt

I made this quilt in 2009 April to November:

I was glad to make it and had some fun. Just putting the squares together to me after a while. SO if i make it again, I would at least double the size of the blocks! :)

Paula Prass Giveaway!

Go see what she’s up to!!!


My second skirt, tiered ruffled beauty!

This is the second skirt I made my daughter. I just love how easy the instructions at Chica and Jo are even though I have change them to my skill/method.

This one was made with fabric I won from Paula Prass when she kindly had an online giveaway in 2009. It was just screaming, "make a skirt out of me!" Wasn't it? Too darling! See the links here for more info:
·         Paula Prass Blog
·         Paula Prass Website
·         The Fabric from Michael Miller Fabrics “Flight of Fantasy” collection

And you can't resist but to twirl in the skirt too! Love the photo!

Enjoy!!! And I want to thank those who are offering me other children’s clothes patterns, but no thank you. J

Ok, I am going to get back to my blocks. I feel like I have Block swap Block! I'm not liking what I picked out and the other blocks being submitted are AMAZING! The skill level is so advanced! I'm still very beginner to maybe intermediate. Oh we'll see. :)