I Miss Quilting!!!

Oh, I miss Quilting! ...
  • I miss my sewing machine.
  • I miss trying to put material together.
  • I miss cutting material/pieces.
  • I miss my sewing friends/group in Guatemala.
  • I even have had little time to keep up with the quilting/sewing blogs I Subscribe to/ Follow, etc!
I know this is temporary, but I still miss it all!

taken Jan 24th 38w3d
baby is lower
Being pregnant with #4 baby and having 3 children 6 yrs old and under takes a lot of time. I love every bit of it and even more since I have the BEST Husband in the world! He's a HUGE help. I credit my great blood pressure and sanity to him with the help of God!

I will say I took a Crochet class at a JoAnn's in December. It has helped me with my need to do hand-work! I haven't done much, and I am not that good, but I am still practicing, when I can. I also had gotten curious about this coupon craze that has seem to come back with out economy struggles. I have found that sitting and clipping coupons with scissors (not a paper cutter) has helped with my want to cut fabric! Hillarious HUH!? It's fun to do and I mainly clip them and send them to friends who really rock at this coupon craze! I keep the ones for the products that we buy, but it's not much. Coupons seem to make me buy things I would not have normally bought anyway! LOL

Anyway. I miss you all and know this is a season, but wanted to post!  We're due anytime! Well the date is Feb 4th but we know baby picks the date! :)


Happy New Year!!!

Hello Quilting land! I am still here and still gestating! I guess with three small kids and waiting to birth another really takes it all out of you! I even have the BEST supporting husband! I am so tired these final months that I have NOT Sewn and I am so bummed. But we also are in a temporary location and not in our home so things are not 'set up' to sew and there really is no room to do it. So I had to submit to that and move on. Sure I am bummed but I know God has made it an obvious priority to take care of myself and my hubby and kids. Sewing will always be there.

I will say I did get to a JoAnn's and take a crochet class! It was great and I am not the best at it but I am enjoying some kind of craft/hand work! Yeah!

So, since I don't have a show and tell or anything, I will post this GIVEAWAY by "We Love Quilting"... so get on over to: http://welovequilting.com/january-give-a-way-2/ and WIN!!!!