I Miss Quilting!!!

Oh, I miss Quilting! ...
  • I miss my sewing machine.
  • I miss trying to put material together.
  • I miss cutting material/pieces.
  • I miss my sewing friends/group in Guatemala.
  • I even have had little time to keep up with the quilting/sewing blogs I Subscribe to/ Follow, etc!
I know this is temporary, but I still miss it all!

taken Jan 24th 38w3d
baby is lower
Being pregnant with #4 baby and having 3 children 6 yrs old and under takes a lot of time. I love every bit of it and even more since I have the BEST Husband in the world! He's a HUGE help. I credit my great blood pressure and sanity to him with the help of God!

I will say I took a Crochet class at a JoAnn's in December. It has helped me with my need to do hand-work! I haven't done much, and I am not that good, but I am still practicing, when I can. I also had gotten curious about this coupon craze that has seem to come back with out economy struggles. I have found that sitting and clipping coupons with scissors (not a paper cutter) has helped with my want to cut fabric! Hillarious HUH!? It's fun to do and I mainly clip them and send them to friends who really rock at this coupon craze! I keep the ones for the products that we buy, but it's not much. Coupons seem to make me buy things I would not have normally bought anyway! LOL

Anyway. I miss you all and know this is a season, but wanted to post!  We're due anytime! Well the date is Feb 4th but we know baby picks the date! :)



  1. It's good to see you're still out there! Keep practicing with the crochet - you'll get better. Or you could always try embroidery. There are a TON of free patterns out there (trust me, I know, they've been tempting me lately) and it's something you can do with few supplies.

  2. Yes, I love hand embroidery! I'd love to get my hands on some pre-printed material and floss and needles! Right now, I have the yarn and the hook that came with the class - so YEAH! Getting supplies on a missionary's budget is tough. It's hard to 'justify' using our donations for expenses for a hobby. Especially when our funds are no where near our expenses. We live on mucho Faith! LOL!

    Great to "see" you too KATIE! I miss the APQ Crew very much!!!


  3. Thanks for the update! You do look like you're ready - any minute! Hee Hee!! Soon you'll have even less time for hobbies. But that's OK. Can't wait to see the new little one.


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