I miss sewing LIFE!

Hello All,

I really miss you all. I miss the online giveaways, swaps, guilds, and show and tells!!!! As a wife of a full time missionary and mom to four MKs in central America with no family around to help, it's been a tad challenging! I love where I am in life and admit, I MISS Quilting!!!

 On my personal Facebook, I see 24 Blocks in my newsfeed and I Drool! https://www.facebook.com/24Blocks

Keep up with you all do and I'll be back as time allows! Can you imagine my UFOs?

Keep in touch and show and tell!


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  1. I'm glad to know you're still out there, even if quilting isn't on your agenda very often. Being a mom to little ones is tough enough, never mind not having family close by to help out. Hang in there and keep us updated when you can.


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