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HELLO Quilters!

I cannot tell you how much I miss you! I recently was asked to tell about myself and I said I'm a quilter and will some day design quilts to be published/sold, and my passion is to design fabric lines!

Then I thought about it, I have not quilted in years! Motherhood has been full time in addition to running a non-profit mission in Guatemala, virtual schooling my four blessings, and managing a health/fitness ministry that really has had me BUSY!

Lost and kept off 90 pounds - STILL EAT CHOCOLATE
(No pills, No surgery, just knowledge and lifestyle changes!)
Since the recent conversation about QUILTING with others (who do health/fitness coaching too), I am excited to come back here and see many of you still posting/quilting/chatting! I get teary eyed! You are family and quilting was the first thing that lowered my BP during my pregnancies before I discovered DARK Chocolate does the same.

Happy Quilting to you all and I hope to set up my space soon to join you all again. Until then I will share my links with these new friends of mine.


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