Repurposed some material

HELLO! Fellow Quilters!

Jackie here checking in to say, "I still droll seeing your projects!"

Recently, I embarked on a new project just briefly and used the beautiful material I have for a back drop!

What do you think?

I love it! The Yellow, Orange, and Purple plaid! 

I'm going to teach English online PART TIME! I need a said income to support our 4 kids' talents in sports and instruments! Our family lives on donations and while we are blessed, we are not able to pay all the bills let alone the kids getting out and doing things!

So I want to make money to pay for their extra curricular activities! If I am able, I will also pay for the shortage in our funds needed for serving in Central America!

Are you wanting to support our mission work in Central America? CLICK HERE and Bless you!

Are you interested in teaching English as side income? CLICK HERE and Message me

Thanks again for extending Grace to me! I do miss quilting but motherhood is so important right now.


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