I want to sew...

We transitioned from Guatemala to the states for our maternity leave. We were sick for weeks after the transition (upper respiratory stuff). We are staying with relatives. I do not have a sewing space set up... yet! I want to sew. LOL

I am glad to finally post and 'be back' with you all... It's been too long!!!


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  1. I have been looking for you! Didn't know when you are due, or anything. What is your due date? We're waiting for our new grandbaby, due Dec. 10. And we will be in Pensacola for Christmas. Do you have any hand work sewing that you can do? I love embroidering and hand piecing for when I don't have a sewing machine available. You should think about it. Of course, I know you have your hands really full with your kids. Hee Hee! And they will be getting fuller soon!


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