Still here and a fan of Quilter Blogs

Hello Quilting World!

Where have I been?
Here, gestating, LOL I am a stay at home mom of three and it's busy! We are also in a transition to go to the states for maternity leave, and I'm both excited and bummed. So it's been an emotional push/pull for me. But mainly, my sewing machine is packed, and I won't see it probably for about a year or so. I will be using my MILs early-80's JCPenney machine while stateside, yeah! So, it's not like I won't be sewing! I NEED Sewing! I discovered it keeps my BP down during the final months of the pregnacy!

I've been watching you, well maybe, not you, but the Quilting posts!
I Love keeping up with the quilting community in many ways online. One fav is through Quilter Blogs. I subscribe to the RSS FEED , and so I don't actually get the Quilter Blogs webpage, just the text and photos from the blog posts. I hit page down and get through them fast.

In May, there was an online quilter festival. I Bookmarked EVERY single entry in my RSS Feed folder. I have not had a chance to visit them much but admit, if it doesn't talk mostly about quilting/sewing, i take it off my list.

Enough Text, where's the Photos, projects, UFOs?
As I say, this is a Quilt Blog, so It needs to talk about Quilting and have PHOTOS! LOL
  • Tshirt Quilt for Hubby - WIP
    • I have been purging our whole house and was finally able to get hubby to go through old clothes. I have a stack of Tshirts (see above), I have cut off the sleeves and blank backs in prep for his ongoing Tshirt Quilt.
    • Have you Made a Tshirt quilt?
    • I've made several small ones and love doing them!
  • Denim, something...
    • Hubby even gave my a stack of old jeans (above and there's more), I have on my to-do list to do a denim quilt/blanket/something. Not too sure what to do. I've collected different patterns and instructions of the year.
    • Have you made a denim quilt and any pointers????
  • Other TO-DOs, WIPs/UFOs
    • In the USA:
      • I made my sister's daughter a butterfly quilt top (year and a half ago or so). I told her when I get stateside to send it to me (with batting and backing or the money for them) and I will finish it
      • I told my brother to gather his old Ts and I'll make him a T-quilt
      • My MIL wants a Music themed quilt, I'm still trying to design in my head!
        • Anyone have ideas or Music fabric to donate or I'll SWAP!
    • In GUA:
      • The polyester quilt is packed away for after I return to GUA after having the baby.
      • My own T-shirt quilt site awaiting for the purchase of something cool for sashing. I cut these years ago, they are already stablized and ready for assembly!
      • Two "quick quilts" the baby size of cheater fabric. They never were finished because I didnt have batting.
The Quilting Group
I am still with a quilting group here in Guatemala and it is a huge blessing to be part of it. I have been able to help much when I go but it sure is mental therapy for me!

some photos of show and tell


Disclaimer: Life happens :)

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  1. Cute quilts! Let me know when you will be in the states & where! When is the baby due? We have another grandson due in December! On our trip I saw some really nice piano key fabric and bought some. I was thinking I would make something for my sister, who is a piano teacher, but decided to run it by her first and she didn't seem interested. So, I'm not sure what I will do with it. I might make a piano top runner for my son as he & our GS both play. What do you plan to make for your MIL? I can probably share some of it with you. I'll take a picture of it one of these days and send to you.


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