Animal Fabric Giveaway, hurry!

Ok Quilt Community!

I have been super blessed with winning fabulous fabrics from the Quilting Community out there, so now it's my turn... I am giving away this fabric that was donated to me in boxes of donated fabric. I just do not see me using it anytime soon and I do NOT like to have things collect dust. I believe things need to have a purpose and be used, not sat around.

To Enter:
So this will be easy... Just leave me a comment and you are entered. I will do the random thingy and send the fabric asap! If you want to be prompted on what to comment... we just went to on a road trip with the kids. It was quick but still over 6 hours each way, so tell me about a road trip you've been on... like it? not like it? you do them often? you never want to do them? was it alone or with family or kids!?

Midnight EST July 2, 2010. I need the winner to send me their info asap, so I can get it in the mail July 5th! I will be traveling again and not able to do mail it anytime after. International entries are welcome!

There you go.... now enter, only if you think you will actually USE IT!!!

Oh and here is a photo of the Animal silkscreened fabric... Sorry my photography was NOT the best on these and I have not pressed them...

Please only enter if you KNOW you WILL USE it! :) Thank you! If you want to go to my other giveaway, you can... see the next post!



  1. Thank you for offering/donating this fabric. I have to agree that this is not my type of fabric but I make a lot of items to donate and have a home daycare so animals are a great topic of discussion. I have gone on a few road trips as a kid and loved them. I love to visit new places!

  2. I don't know how much of that fabric there is, but it would be perfect as part of the back of an earthy scrap quilt I am working on. Thanks for the offer and blessings to you for the blessings you bring to others through your charitable work.

  3. Oooh I love fabric scraps, so much fun to make things with!

  4. i love road trips but i always carry a book, i have been known to finish one entire book in one trip.

  5. I would love to win this. I'm collecting fabrics like this to make my baby girl and I-Spy quilt.

  6. My grandson would love something made out of this! His favorite colour is red, and he is into an 'animal' stage, so this would be perfect! Not sure how much yardage there is here, but from a small toy, to a center piece in his own quilt, it will be used and loved.
    Thank you for sharing it with a lucky reader!

    I decided to follow your blog. I like the way you think!

    terrymac1a at hotmail dot com


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