I did not get the Memo! Hexagons are Everywhere!!!

I was going to post about this before, but thought, I would do it later. So, when I saw this post today after another Hexagon post, I just HAD to finally post about not getting the "Hexagons in 2010" memo! LOL!

Diary of a Quilter: In need of a summertime project: Hooked on Hexagons

She also links to this blog in her post: My Three Sons: Hexagons! A beginning

I could link to all the others out there but it would be a HUGE list! Just go to your search engine of choice and type in "Hexagon Quilt" i'm sure you'll get a load of wonderful resources! You can click here for an image search result from Google - just look at the beauties!

Since, I am out of the loop and curious, answer me this...
  • SO are YOU Making hexagons too?
  • Are they 'easy', it looks a little involved?
  • What's the big phase for Hexies for?

I LOVE the shape, don't get me wrong, but it looks hard! All I have done with hexagons is bind a preprinted donated fabric for a baby dedication quilt with hexagons! I loved the challenge and my friends thought i was crazy! it's not perfect but I think it turned out well.

There seems to be another trend out there I was thiking about posting and as soon as I remember what it is, I will post it! LOL!



  1. I like it and I'm working on a hexagon something. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's great! I'm sure you'll create something that is hexagon-ally excellent! Happy Quilting.



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