Maxine Fabric is coming to my house!

Thanks to this site/blog/shop:

I'm "Lucky Number 13" and WON!!!!
original giveaway post is here

"Maxine" the funny comic is on fabric and coming to my house!

See the post here at "We Love Quilting" of my win! YEAH!

I KEEP telling you... you cannot win if you do not ENTER!

But then to those of you who HAVE entered and NEVER won, DO NOT give up!!!! Pssst I enter a lot of giveaways mainly for fabirc :) There are a number of sites that giveaway "things" daily, weekly, or monthly. Depends on your time and will/effort to try to win! :)

I am SEW excited and Grateful to Chris and Gary Wheeler for this FUN WIN!!!

We Love Quilting is owned by Chris Epps Wheeler & Gary Wheeler, their studio located in Locust Fork, Alabama. They are also online at


Disclaimer: I don't believe in 'luck' - used to be very superstitious... it was REALLY bad, but then I met Jesus and believe much more in being blessed and gifted unconditionally through God because HE loves us. So was this win from God? I don't know, just know I am excited to get this Maxine Fabric!!! YEAH!!!!

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