Cat Quilt Ideas

I thought I would share with you, my research findings for a Cat Quilt! I did this research some time ago but really wanted to post it! AMAZING stuff…. #13 is a simple "ONE cat quilt" – neat!

And more, of course, I love them all.
  1. Lying down cat: , see more on this page in many colors, scroll to see: 
  2. Laying/Sitting down cat tutorial. 
  3. Cat with it's tail up: 
  4. These are standing with a tail and simple: 
  5. Alley Cats, not a whole body:
  6. This one has lying down and standing but tails look appliqued:
  7. These are like the other lying down cats, but taller:
  8. These are interesting sitting cats:
  9. cat down with arched back and tail:
  10. side view cat:
  11. Cat standing with tail and front paws:
  12. Cat side view, looking at you with tail and two toned body:
  13. One BIG CAT, knock yourself out with this cool pattern:
  14. I call these kitten with stars:
  15. Walking cats full of color:
  16. Cat's Life: two in here have full bodies;
  17. Tassellating Pattern, amazing:  and a different one:
  18. Various Pieced Bodies here: see the cat with the BIG EYES:
  19. Two toned standing cat with face defined chin:
  20. Big Fat Cat, what else could I call it:

(FYI: results from Google Image search for the words "cat quilt" viewing pages 1 thru 20)

IDEA: You can always change the head from square to the one with the diagonals for chin by sewing squares in the lower corners at a diagonal.

This post is not complete unless I show you an e-Book I bought called "Cat's Meow" by Jante Kime purchased and downloaded with ease from the Martingale & Company home of That Patchwork Place. no commission or being paid to promote this.. i just bought it and liked it and wanted to share it with you!



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