Pets on Quilts Show: I won a beautiful pattern!

My Window Cats quilt was one of them! YEAH!

This is a list of the Prizes, and if I am reading the results right, I won prize #1!
which is Java House Quilts donated a cute pattern, "Shell we Dance?"

Thank you SewCalGal for hosting and running the show!!!!

My Sister just sent me a photo of Duke & Daisy on their Quilt!!! Aren't they so cute!

*Hugs* - Jackie


  1. Congratulations! Duke and Daisy seem to love their quilt.

  2. Duke & Daisy do seem to really love their quilt. I'm so happy you won a prize in my Pets on Quilts Show. And, lucky won a beautiful pattern from Java Quilts. I've love her designs! Can't wait to see what you create with your new pattern!

    Thanks for participating in the show!



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