Meow Kitty Kitty Quilt

I had a blast making this quilt for my sister. I gave it to her for Christmas 2009. I made up the pattern, and with the ideas from my APQ friends, I did the Attic Window effect and just loved how it came out.

If you look close I did many tecniques on my own. The corner of the attice window is a triangle sewn to the yellow rectangle. Probably not proper tecniques used, but they worked for me! The only thing I didn't get done was I sew wanted to quilt in the tail and figure I can do that some day. I was just so eager to get it to her for Christmas when we were in town to visit!

Oh, the cats represent her two cats "Duke and Daisy". Then I realized afterward, it's her highschool colors. heehee not onb purpose for sure.

Sew cute!

The 'plaid' looking fabric is "tipico" fabric from Guatemala. It is the entire Backing of this quilt, too.


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