Lesson in making a bag for balls

me (black shirt), mendy,
and my three blessings in Guatemala
So a friend of mine (Mendy in the above photo in the purple shirt and in the below photo) came to Guatemala to share love and Jesus with children at a home they live in because the Gov't sent them there. Her youth group in TN raised $1040 to spend on the kids. They all got a new pair of jeans, a shirt, and a tooth brush and a large set of communal toys!

Mendy shopping with the funds raised by her Youth Group in TN!

We noticed when we put the balls in the cart that they are tricky to transport without a bag. So we look for a laundry bag in laundry products aisle but nothing. So I figured I have some thick donated fabric, that I wasn't sure what  I would use it for then excited that this was the solution for both the balls and the fabric!

I set the balls on the fabric to see how much to cut.
So I cut it and then started to sew!

Then Wah-lah.. I made a bag complete with draw string/ribbon.

Sorry it's on the side, but this shows how much EXTRA fabric I have on the top! I guess the bag had width/girth that i didn't account for when estimating the amount of fabric. LOL! Oh well we just hope they have more balls to put in it.

When my friend arrived at the children's home. She said they smiled bug when they saw the big bag. That makes me smile too. 

See the bag, then my friend getting the balls out, and the kids with their new stuff!

I am glad to post this today. Because I've had an up and down day, in hormones, emotions, events and such. If you pray please add me to your list for balanced hormones and not getting so 'reactive' to small things. Pray for my family too. Donations werwe tight this month and as it nears the end of the month, we are super challenged in how to streatch what we have. I know we can with the help of God and the Body. So pray! thanks! Ok I posted on my personal blog, now off to post to our ministry site.

Disclaimer: I complete 16 weeks prego this week and cannot believe how emotional I am these days. Although today is an excpetion. It's my mother's birthday. She would have been 66, but she's in Heaven hanging with Jesus! :) Miss her like crazy!

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