"Box of Chocolates" Quilt WIP

My current WIP! This pattern is taken from the "Happy Blocks for Heart Strings" Quilts! Aren't they lovely! Well this is a quilt top for the Baby dedication quilt our sewing group makes for a church in Guatemala. What do you honestly think? We use what we have from GENEROUS donations. I just wonder what you think.

We have made others, we really like this simple versitile block! Especially when we have a variety of fabric!

Here are more we recently made for baby dedications...

I also worked with "leaders and enders" while working on this quilt... more on that in my next post!


  1. I really like that pattern. Good name for it too! I love simple patterns and when you do the leader/ender thing you can get another one going at the same time!

  2. I really like that pattern and the fabrics that you used. It is really nice, my dear friend. Thank you for sharing. Happy Quilting!


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