Ticker Tape Quilts...Great Scrap Buster

Have you ever heard of a Ticker Tape quilt?
Me either? Or well I have not!

Photo: Ticker Tape Placemats from Brown Dirt Cottage

Looked it up (Image search), and love it, you may not, but I do… basically scraps sewn on as rough edge appliqué. I think in most or all cases, it’s sewn all the way through the layers… so it’s quilted too. Not bad if the quilt stays small.

I guess if you didn’t like the rough edge so much you can FUSE them (wunder under) or use fray stop, someone got me this, and I have not used it, yet.

Here are some links, ENJOY!
Ok, you get the idea and can search for "Ticker Tape Quilt" yourself too!

It could be one of those quilts you make using a sample of material from all your other quilts. I am adding it to my “SOME DAY” list already! Great Scrap/Stash Buster!




  1. Hi Jackie....thanks for your visit and the 'shout out' on the ticker tape quilts! You really should try one...great for using up scraps and they make great gifts too!!
    You have a lovely blog AND family!!!

  2. Jackie, thanks for the great idea and the links. Love the way the colors pop on the white.

  3. The Ticker Tape projects are very nice; Amanda Jean of crazymom is the original creator of this. She is an incredible quilter; very prolific!


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