SMS Giveaway Update: We all Won at

You Won... If you entered's Embroidery Poetry Contest for the SMS Giveaway!!! Cool Huh! All 12 of us poets won! WOOHOO! Thank you AMY!!

Amy said, "Wow, the 12 poems submitted are fabulous! Some are touching, some make me smile -- They're all all great! I'm feeling generous, so guess what? You're all winners!"

Isn't that great! I tell my sewing friends, "if you don't Play, you can't Win!" So very true!

I chose this one for my prize! Yeah!!!

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  1. Cute cats! :-)

    You ought to share your lovely winner here, too:

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    Seeing other peoples' works, really inspire.

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    No need to look further, this is the perfect site. is the place that is right!

    That's one that makes me smile. :-) Thanks again for playing, and I hope you learn lots of new stitches with your prize!


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