Neighborhood Block Swap

I am participating in my FIRST Swap!!!.. a Neighborhood Block Swap and way behind in my progress. Well, not really but for my own pace, I wanted to be farther by now. :( I am hoping to really get the applique put on, so I can enjoy the embelishments! I am doing a house.

This is a photo of the house i grew up in and my construction paper cut outs to see what the applique would be like.

This is the backgrounds I made. I am thinking the last ones (also shown under my construction paper test applique) are what I want to use, the Sky looks like clouds and the 'grass' has cute small flowers in it.
So far this is my progress in addition to marking up my wunder under for fusing my applique.
We'll see how it goes!


  1. Great progress! Looking forward to seeing the finished block. This looks similar to the house I grew up in but we didn't have a tree.

  2. Looking good - can't wait to see the finished block!



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