Feature Friday: The Fabric Bar

I was first introduced to The Fabric Bar by a Giveaway! (and won!) :-) Amy was so generous with her giveaway, and I still have yet to make something with the precious fabrics that I got to choose! They are too cute to cut! (is that possible, yes).

Since then, I have enjoyed the Blog and the Shop (ok the "sale" rack) LOL! The Fabric Bar is also on Facebook, too.

This is a photo of my recent Purchase with The Fabric Bar... Yummy, huh?!

I do a lot of baby/children charity quilts, so I went for more of the colorful, fun, children prints! Well, the Bot Camp ones I might use to make my son a quilt! :) How fun will that be!? The hearts, well I just like hearts and that fabric was unique to me!

Thank you Fabric Bar!!



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  1. That fabric will be great for baby quilts! I'm always on the look out for baby quilt fabric on sale!

  2. Yes they are! Did you see here SALE page? Here are some good ones...

    - http://www.thefabricbar.com/sale/c154/p757/Binky&%2339;s-Friends-in-Light-Blue/product_info.html

    - http://www.thefabricbar.com/sale/c154/p764/Fridge-Art-in-Multi/product_info.html

    - http://www.thefabricbar.com/sale/c154/p552/Fairytale-Princess-in-Pink/product_info.html

    - http://www.thefabricbar.com/sale/c154/p207/Jungle-Box-in-Multi/product_info.html

  3. Yay! So happy it arrived! So much cuteness to be made. I don't get to sew nearly as much as I would like to but I hope you will be able to find the time. Enjoy and keep us updated on your sewing projects... post pics when u can. Hugs!


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