Nine Patch Project: Name and Update

Sew... I started this Nine Patch (9P) project because of a stack of precut blocks I had and thought "I better do something with them NOW or they will just sit and collect dust." We cannot have beautiful fabric sit and collect dust! It calls to be displayed and admired!

We all have these beautiful stashes, and they are folded (maybe) and put on shelves, bins, and such. Also, I have heard people talk about saving a piece of fabric from all the quilts they make and give away. Well to conquer:
  1. Showing Off your stash while also seeing what you have at a glance, and
  2. keeping a piece of fabric from your stash for memento purposes
...WHY NOT Cut a piece of all your fabrics in your stash, NOW! :)

That is what this project has now become, my stash portfolio in 9-Patch form and a memory of all the fabrics (not too sure if I will ever has this amazing stash again). Some may like and some may not, but it's what I have decided on progressively - Heehee!!!

I am cutting a 4x4 out of *almost* EVERYTHING in my stash and making a "MY STASH 9 Patch!"

some Guatemalan Tipico fabric - love it!

I’m having fun and laughing at myself that these squares ended up being the inspiration to the project! and now all my beautiful fabrics have a 4x4 cut out of them!

and if this isn't bad enough... this project is spinning off other projects... with fabric that are more juvenile and kid-fun, I am saving those 4x4s to the side for an I-Spy Quilt.... hilarious huh!?

Have YOU ever had a small thing end up into a BIG project?? surely not. (is any one out there?)

I am excited to see more "followers" I guess i could take myself off the list! LOL sad huh!? oh well. [:o)

Beware, your project list can grow out of control before your know it! So can your UFOs and WIPs while you make BOMs and all you want is R&R. LOL KWIM! 

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