Feature Friday: Fat Cat Patterns

Have you ever been to Fat Cat Patterns? Sindy just knows what she's doing, and you can tell she loves it, too! (imo)

I love this site and mention it off and on. It was recently redone and reorganized, so stop on by and check it out! Enjoy the patterns and ideas. Sindy has Swaps too! If you missed anything you can visit her store and get a CD of all her patterns from the years previous!

My favorite Pages:
All her animal designs are the best too! I can't just pick one!


Disclaimer: "Feature Friday" is solely my opinion about a webspace online that pertains to the quilting hobby. I am not paid, compensated, or gifted by any of the "Features" posted here. I am a Quilter with an Opinion and Desire to SHARE Resources I use for my hobby :)

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