Feature(less) Friday: WIP report instead

I didn't have anything to FEATURE today. Not that I don't have a resource to share, I just didn't type it up in advance for today. Forgive me. :)

I have had a busy week for sure! I'm a momma of three amazing kids with limitless energy ages 5, 3, and 1. I am also 3 months pregnant and counting. I do not have the option of daycare/school or taking them to a relatives house (i live in Guatemala!). So it's all me... all the time. Now do not get me wrong... I do have an AMAZING Husband who helps as soon as he gets home from work (serving in our ministry). He does the bedtime routine way better and is just a wonderful partner in this whole parenting thing (and an even better godly husband!) ! While he does that, I have been cutting my 4x4s for my 9-patch quilt, more to come on that!

Ok, no one likes a "Quilt Blog" that does not talk about Quilting or without photos more than me, so I have segwayed into quilting with my last sentence. LOL


Top projects, I am working on:
  • Cutting any more 4x4s for my Stash 9-patch, then I get the creative part of matching the squares into beautiful 9-patches (if possible, heehee) to sew!

  • Continue to work on leaders and enders while I do any other sewing! It's fun to use these 2.5 squares as my leaders and enders and before i know it I will have blocks or sashing sewn for a quilt!

  • Needs (to finish these projects):
Backing for the "Grandma Polyester Quilt" - I got great feed back on batting and backing on this quilt, so I am looking for a lightweight plaid and thin batting for this beauty.

I need a tan or beige for sashing for this Neighborhood Block Swap Quilt.
I don't have any and willing to SWAP Fabric if you want!!!

Batting for several quilts I have backs and fronts ready. Mainly Baby quilts for the baby dedication quilts I make. I do have a few larger sized blankets I want to make with my larger pieces of fabric for charity quilts for my Agatha Victims Project.

The rest, I guess you could call UFOs
since they have sat longer than 6-12 months! heehee

  • my daughter's butterfly quilt. Those from APQ may remember me making the blocks, I now need to put them together to complete the top!

  • my husband's t-shirt quilt. I am waiting for him to go through his t-shirts.

  • my high school track t-shirt quilt. I made two smalled t-quilts for myself and just have this one left. I was last selecting sashing but want to find Fun track-type fabric if possible out there??

  • Noah's Ark Panel, It's pinned and ready to hand or machine quilt, I don't know which to do... I think Hand is best but I don't know what to do, never done it.
Then there are projects I add to my
"Want to do in my lifetime PROJECTS":
I figure If I keep busy with all this, I have less time to think about how fast the kids are growing up and will be out before I know it! Sewing will always be here for me... right!? As long as I have a Project List!

How about you? do you have a list or is sewing therapy to you as it is for me??!!

I am thankful for having 14 Followers! I hope I didn't bore you! *hugs*


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