Nieghborhood Block Swap Update

I got my blocks for my fellow Swappers! They are awesome in so many ways! One they looke great and two inspecting them teaches me SO much on how to do this better in the future. The stitches and the thread choice and just over all execution of the applique and block. I have MUCHO to learn. These ladies are tops!

What to do with these? Make a wall hanging? or throw? I would like to make a throw. I feel if I don't make something we'll use, then it will get packed and never seen. Or 'worse case' I could get a 12x 12 scrap book and display them there but how boring!!! heehee

So I am thinking throw and adding filler blocks to help it grow. I was thinking to also have a tan or earth tone  sashing. I am using a piece of tan i have for IDEA purposes....

It was very hard to take a photo of this and get it all in, so this is actually two photos put together so you can see it all.
As you can see in the lower right a 'empty' block that I will fill with something. I am still debating on whether i should put a tree or something on the filler blocks. any ideas???

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  1. The blocks are great! It will make a darling lap quilt, which is a good idea. Another idea would be to put nine-patch blocks in between them. For the "extra" block, maybe you could make a pieced house block. I'm sure you can find the directions for them. They are also called school house blocks.


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