Then a Box Came!

Oh WOW! I was so excited when a box came to me with misc. fabric treasures inside! It was donated for me to use or share. I know I have gone through it all, and I will do just that!

Here are parts of what the sender wrote to me (in black, my comments in red):

Material is sent. 15 lbs and stuffed to the top!! (It was stuffed for sure)

There is a quilt almost done in the bottom of the box of our deceased Grandmother started it many years ago. I am sure it has some stories to tell. Please give it to someone to finish. I pray it will bless them. (I'm going to mend the blocks that are coming undone and finish it myself. I love it! It's all polyester squares! I was thinking yarn ties too. What do you think?)

I sent some pink Precious Moments material that I intended for drapes for my grandaughter and she out grew them quicker than I could make them. Maybe they would fit for your girls?? I had some pieces of Cinderella material and Strawberry shortcake I thought they would enjoy too. (Yes we will ove these and make something. I better learn from you and make things before the grow out of them. I see that happeneing VERY easily, though! Anyone else?)

There are a couple of Disney blanket squares... has pooh and company. Maybe baby blankets?? (Yep we'll make baby blankets and they will be donated as soon as they are done!)

I also sent a large piece of royal blue material with peacock feathers on it. It brought your face to mind. Maybe because you know someone it will bless or maybe you would like it?!?!? I leave all this in your hands because I know you will do what is best. (I love the blue material, it's a flannel, so soft! Thanks for the trust and confidence. I will do my best to make sure everything finds a loving home and does not collect dust!)

I stuck some needles, thread, pins, a measuring curve and stuff in the box, down the sides!! I don't think I could put one more thing in that box!! (you did an amazing job stuffing the box and blessing me and many others with these goodies for sure!)

My Thanks to Tammy for sending this box! It was quite a treasure for me!! And to think, Oct 2008, I had one yard of fabric! Now I have a blessing of a stash that I can bless others with the fabric and/or the quilts I make from it! AMEN!!! 


thought: Why pay for a therapist when you can spend money on quilting and enjoy your therapy with results you can share!

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