Update on the "Grandma Polyester Quilt"

So in the box I got there was this unfinished quilt top from a friend's husband's late grandmother. She said to give it to someone to finish, yada yada. I told her *I* wanted to keep it and finish it! :)

So I got it out and mended the threads that had broken or were on the edge of the fabric and broke free. So right now there are no holes and the ends are reinforced. I even found a large piece of fabric to back it. My daughter and I measured it at roughly 60x90. I will see if my brother and his wife can bring me a nice piece of batting for it. (they are coming to visit me in Sept).

I just love this quilt and am eager to finish it! I think it's screaming for yarn ties. What do you think?

Another Question from this beginning/novice quilter with Zero schooling... I think the pieces are polyester.. they are so like my grandmother's pants! So what would you back it with? What kind of fabric? The piece I have in mind to back it with is similar in texture (so sorry I am not a fabric-ologist).

Enjoy these close ups of the quilt top!!! CLICK and make the LARGER!

Do you have a quilt like this?  What would you do to finish it? I miss my APQ pals who had the BEST ideas!!! I am sure you all have great ideas too... My WIPs are always fluid/flexible. I make it all up as I go along! :)


  1. I imagine that quilt is pretty heavy right now... I would back it with something light, maybe even a twin-size sheet (no real worries about fabric content here)! And batting...you may not want any if the quilt is already as warm as I expect, but if you do, I think something very thin would work best. And I think yarn ties would be a perfect way to hold it all together.

    I had a great aunt who liked to make quilts and such out of recycled polyester clothing. We always rolled our eyes at them, but they're warm and nearly indestructible, so it's not all bad! Though I don't think my family has any like this, I'd be willing to bet there are some out there made by her!

  2. I have one like this that my husbands grandmother made for him. They are tiny little 2" squares she pieced by hand. It's pretty large so I think I am going to make 6 small quilts, one for each of my grand kids out of it. They will be about 25" by 30" I think. I am going to repair where some of the stithes are loose and then I think instead of regular batting (that polyester is HEAVY) I will use flannel and then a cotton/poly backing (to prevent shrinkage which I actually love on my cotton quilts). Anyway, that is my idea of passing on something from my husbands grandmother to my own grandkids.


Oh, I would love to hear from you! Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post! How Exciting! Thanks and Bless you! *hugs* - Jackie