My First 9-Patch... block!

Ok I have quilted off and on since 2006, so I am not *that* experienced, but you would think I have done a 9-patch by now! LOL! Any way, I wanted to show off my first one...

So what inspired this FIRST Nine Patch block? Last Fall, I was searching for fabric and came across... eBay and what all was sold on eBay as far as fabric in all shapes, sizes, and precuts! My favorite Search is Fabric, Free Shipping, 99 cents and under... Click the link and see the list on the Left and make your choices... "100% cotton" or "squares" and so on!! WARNING: Can be very addicting and such! I am NOT responsible for any purchases made! LOL :) I didn't buy anything with shipping fees and never spent more than 4-5 bucks a purchase and I only made 4 purchases! :)

I bought those sets of precuts, why not!? And Actually forgot about them. I looked for them a few months back and couldn't find them. My daughter and I were setting up to sew one day and I found them! YEAH!!!

One pack was a whole bunch of 4" squares of different material. I kept thinking, I cannot wait for a project to come along, what can I do with these, now!? So 9-Patch came to mind.

I may not have put them in the right orientation but that is what is fun to see, test, try, and learn. So go easy on me if you choose to comment below - I DO love comments by the way :)

So, now what? I will post more on my 9-Patch Project later, but for now, you know the inspiration for it! Getting rid of precuts and wanting to learn something NEW!!

Ok here is one more photo of my 9-patches made with that pack!


Sewing is FUN! DO it! and Teach someone to!

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  1. Nice work! Nine-patch is a great block. It can be used in a lot of ways. Have fun with them!


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