Giveaway Winners are Both #2's!!

Thank you all who entered and visited my blog!

The Animal Print Fabric winner was #2 Deanna! I don't know how to get the Random Number Generator to show here, but it picked #2! Congrats!!!

NO WAY!! The generator did #2 for the second giveaway too! Congrats Terrymac! She won the Jumper Fabric Panel!

That wasn't too bad for my first giveaway! I know I have been blessed to win online and feel glad to finally share the 'surplus'!

I have emailed both winners - email me your addresses to Jackie(at) - Thanks! I want to send them Monday!

Thank you all who participated!

You have a good chance to win since I don't have many readers :) So maybe in the fall, I will do another givaway! Yeah!!


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  1. Oh, Yay Me! Thanks so much. I am emailing my address separately and am very happy to have this. It will be part of a quilt for one of my nephews (depending on how much there is). Thanks again.


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