Quilt top: Happy Blocks: Orange, Red, Green...

Our sewing group is women from different ministries that get together to make quilts for a church that was planted here 15 years ago. The quilts are given to the Baby Dedications. We can go from having none to having 8 or so dedications on a Sunday. We work from donated Everything... material, batting, thread, yard, and even sewing machines - we work with what we got and make something.

We even teach locals how to quilt from fabric selection, cutting, piecing, binding, and quilting. It's great for us all. We meet when we are all able too, otherwise we like to try to meet ever two weeks or so. We're just glad for the time we do get to meet and make these precious quilts that represent the covering of the Church in the baby dedication ceremony.

We came across a pattern we saw online (http://www.maryquilts.com/happy-blocks-for-heartstrings/). We are sure it has other names but the place we got it from called it the "Happy Block" - we like it!


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