Neighborhood Block Swap Progress: Applique Fused!

Yeah! I have my 9 blockes ironed with the fused applique - with Wunder Under! I have never done it before and found it easy to use. I just found it challenging on what fabric to pick for what parts with selections from my mostly donaated and won stash. It's great to have selections! (Just a year and a half ago, I might have had 2 yrds of 3 different fabrics! heehee) Praise God for generous Quilt/Sewing community! You all rock! ;-)

So, here are my 9 BEFORE being sewn as rough edge applique. Go EASY on me.. I am still learning... still learning! Self taught and learngin as I go along. So glad the ladies in my swap are generous to have me participate. Now to sew and get these in the mail asap!


the house is so muted in color because i wanted to make it close to the real house... next time, i won't do that... the other blocks in the swap are so colorful! Lessons learned! :)

The photo of the real house. Then using QuiltAssistant, I made the 'pieces'.
I, then, cut out construction paper to get an idea of my applique.

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