I made a Tiered Skirt!

I found this pattern at “Chica and Jo” about 6 months ago or so and thought, “this is a great skirt to make someday”. With the tutorial including photos and thorough instructions, I thought, I should be able to do this. I like to be challenged. The my daughter about 2 weeks ago picked out her fabric from my stash and said how many tiers and the length. So I did it! In about 2 hours. Done. She’s asleep now and doesn’t know I did it. I cannot wait to surprise her in the morning!

I am adding that I bought the fabric with Christmas gift money (to buy myself whatever I wanted! and I chose fabric. I've never bought "good quality" fabric! only the $1/yd or less!) from SEW MAMA SEW . it is the Floral Sky collection their photo of the fabric is darker in pink, not sure why. But I did but the blue, purple, and green too. They are GREAT QUALITY and versitile!

Oh, I know I have blocks to do for my block swap, but I SEW wanted to make this. My daughter doesn't have a long skirts, this will be her first! Sew exciting! She also has designed one with more colorful tier, she just needs to finish picking out her fabric sometime. No worries, I'll post it when we get there

PS: Like cooking recipes, I did make  a few changes to the instructions for my (lack of) skill/needs.

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