A 70's skirt to quilt

My project in March/April 2009:

My Mother-in-Law explained... In the 70's quilted skirts were "in" and this was a kit she bought. She just had to sew up the sides for her size and put in the elastic waist band and sew it up. It was already pieced.

It is amazing! She said I could do anything with it. This is what I did... I un sewed the skirt and now have two large pieces. I sewed them together and made a blanket for the living room for her. I found backing large enought in the donation stash from a guild in Texas! YEAH! (didn't have to spend money). This was a fun project. I also got to surface her JC Penney machine from the 1980's that hadn't been used maybe since the 90's and used it entirely for this project...See below, the birthing of the quilth, the quilt was just backing and front and still machine quilted. This was an exciting project!

Do you know or remember this kit?


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