My top 3 favorite Fabric Designers

As I try my best to learn more about this industry of sewing, I think I am slowly getting the hang of things! I wanted to share my favorite Fabric Designers.

In NO particular order.

Why do I love these designers? I feel they design with a purpose and not just to get fabric out. That what you see, each element, is in its place and not just tossed on. I believe many designers are good at this, but these three stand out for me. Their colors are what I like too. Maybe, it could just be my particular “flavor” right now too. I know as our lives change and grow, so do our preferences, and that is ok!

It’s like women and shoes, I try not to really get “into” fabric too much or I know I’ll be a fabric hoarder! Heehee! Instead, I have fabric through donations, giveaways, and a few purchases, with a purpose; to make a quilt and give it to someone, so they can be wrapped in love.

I thanks these ladies and all fabric designers for their work! As a former career graphic designer, I just enjoy looking at all the awesome work! Fabric designs and quilt patterns!


Jackie Sue

BA in Visual Communications Design

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