Flat Felt Food

About Thanksgiving time, my kids needed/wanted some toys and quick! I had every intension to make felt food that was 3-D but never got there because they kids were so excited about what i was cutting out, so it's flat and they like it! I still search and drool over other felt food projects i see online. Some day, when I have 'free-time' with  my 5 yr, 3yr, and almost 1yr old - yeah right !


hamburger bun and hamburger pattie

lettuce and tomato

onion and pickles

mustard/ketchup and slice of cheese

hamburger from top and side

hamburger, celery stick, pancake with butter, orange (my son's idea), fries, and a carrot

Since this, we've made grapes bunch, strawberries, blueberries, mashed potatoes with butter and fried eggs... endless ideas! Flat Felt Food, LOL! :)



  1. Great job! I love the onions the best, they really look like onions. How fun!

  2. Thank you!I was in a store and saw wooden food by Melissa and Doug... I'm saving up for it. LOL


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