Latest Projects... now

Ok I got my first Block Swap done, although I am not trying to find a way to get them stateside for safe mailing. yes and to save money too! Now what do I have to do?

Where do I start?
  • My daughter's Butterfly Quilt is a UFO
  • My husband's t-shirt quilt is a UFO
  • My track t-shirt quilt is ... welll you get the idea
  • My mother-in-law's Quilts; one is made from various book bags (she's a teacher and has loads) and a musical one for her anniversary in Nov. she game me a deadline ;) I love her so!
  • Two "quick quilts" (aka: cheater cloths) to be quilted and bound
  • I do want to do 5 more house blocks for my father, siblings and myself for framing.
  • and a load of ides in my head!

This is my track t-shirt quilt - in progress... I have had these fused with stabilized and cut since 2005!

I will ask.. has anyone seen any of the following fabrics, I would like to use for sashing in some of my above projects. Send links or info please!:
  • "Track & Field" fabric. It is for my highschool track t-shirt quilt (see above). I have searched on line for years and found only one thing on eBay, and it was way over my budget. If you know of any 'type' fabric, please let me know.
  • Generic Football (my husband was in football most of his life) fabric for my husband's t-shirt quilt.
  • Music fabric - notes, sheets of music, instruments, etc
  • Teacher type fabric - apples, or something
That's all I can think of tonight!

What are your top UFO's?


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  1. Oh my gosh! I think we are too much alike. I was just thinking this morning, "How am I going to get everything done!" I am retired now and have lots more time and I have so many things to do. I guess I should make a list. My latest project is curtains for DS/DIL in FL and I took pictures of fabric on sale at JoAnn's yesterday and emailed them 4 choices, so today I'm going to go buy some. I hope they have enough yardage of that fabric! I'll look for track & field/football fabric while I'm there.


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